Engineering Services:

  • Expert testimony
  • Fire investigation
  • Accident investigation
  • Equipment failure investigation and analysis
  • Personal injury due to electrocution, mechanical or structural failure
  • Investigation and analysis of electrical and mechanical equipment malfunction due to product defect or incorrect installation

  • Evaluation of electrical and mechanical equipment damage due to fire or flood
  • Investigation of electronic and computer equipment failure due to power surges, brownouts, and outages
  • Analysis of building structure failures
  • Testing services including x-raying and metallurgical analysis
  • Determination of building and electrical code compliance
  • Civil boundary and topographical surveys for property ownership and drainage disputes
  • Retrieval of documentation, secure-storage, inspection, and testing of evidence
  • Preparation of expert opinions and reports
  • Deposition, arbitration and trial testimony
  • Electrical , mechanical, civil, and structural engineering and design, including preparation of drawings and specifications
  • Field engineering and system startup services
  • Electrical and mechanical equipment and systems predictive diagnostic testing and evaluation
  • Electrical and mechanical equipment and systems maintenance recommendations and programs
  • Project and construction management

Support Services & Physical Plant:

  • A modern office.
  • Full secretarial staff.
  • 3,000 square foot, environmentally controlled warehouse facility for secure storage of evidence.
  • A fully equipped, environmentally controlled, evidence examination room with bathroom facilities.


Click here to see our evidence warehouse and examination room.

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